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Maxhard Engineering

Maxhard Engineering

Welcome to Maxhard Limited

Maxhard Ltd is a Chinese Development Company founded in 2010 in London, England with the support from TianHang Group in China. It mainly engages in the UK real estate development, property investment consulting (especially for high-class Chinese clients), architectural design services for UK residential and commercial properties, and other businesses.

Maxhard Ltd provides professional property investment consulting and asset management services to the Chinese clients in Britain or coming to Britain, and more importantly to the Chinese enterprises (including the parent company). Besides, Maxhard Ltd also serves the clients with high quality architectural design in the UK residential and commercial real estate development. In 2010, Maxhard Ltd acquired a site of 22.5 acres in Wales, including an existing historical tower, Pantglas Hall, and a pond. It is planned to be used as the first high-end Chinese community Pantglas International holiday villas.

We welcome all sorts of cooperation within the field of property investment, development and architectural design.

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